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Edward PROFFITT, Th.D.


"Bless the Lord, O my soul and al that is within me" Psalm103:1   

Edward Proffitt, Th.D.

Growth and change are part of  life, and it can be very painful at times. We are sailing uncharted waters in life everyday as we deal with issues and confront problems that we have never had to deal with before. We have several choices in our quest for survival. We can be reactive, or proactive. In other words we can let growth and change come to us without any input and direction from us and just react to it; or we can   (with God's help) plan, dream, and be proactive in becoming all that God wants us to  be. Even with the best intentions, trials and tribulations will come. That's part of life even for the Christian.

Did you know that God can use your failure to make you grow and become stronger in different areas of your life? I'm not saying strive for failure, but when it does come, learn from it. God has a unique way of allowing painful, bad situations of the past to become great monuments of faith in our future.

There are all kinds of pressures in life. Most fall in one of two categories:

 FIRST .  PREASURE FROM OTHER PEOPLE.  It often seems we have no control of this area and it causes great stress and heartache. Let me be quick to say, although we might not have control over what people do and say about us, we do have the choice of how we will allow it to affect us.                                          

SECOND. PRESSUER WE PLACE ON OURSELVES. Our expectations are unrealistic when we don't accomplish what we think we should. There is a difference between positive and negative guilt. Positive guilt leads to repentance of God and a positive changed behavior, while negative guilt leads to self condemnation and despair.


In Psalm 103 David gives some counsel about failure. His wise words effect five aspects of our lives. They are responsibility, focus, security, perspective, and morale. Your reaction is your responsibility to the  life aspects. David writes "BLESS THE LORD, OH MY SOUL...BLESS HIS HOLY NAME". He didn't get   bitter blaming others, but focused on praising God in his response. You might not be able to change the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination. Instead of getting bitter, angry, and depressed - sail on. (Psalm 103 read).

Remember, if you have failed that doesn't mean you are a failure. Grow from it, learn what God is saying through it,  adjust your sails and -- SAIL ON.




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