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Edward PROFFITT, Th.D.

                 BEING GRATEFUL IS A GOOD ATTRIBUTE                  "let peace of God rule your heart and be than thankful" Colossians 3:15

                                     Edward Proffitt, Th.D.

David the Psalmist writer looked over his life and was pleased with what he saw,  for exception  of a couple of things. He does not see a excess of growth nor a surplus of gratitude.  Because of what he saw,  he sets to the ask of of development. David refused to let his soul biodome dull and listless while in the midst of God's amazing mercies, so he awakens his soul to an urgent appeal, "Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all of His benefits" (Psalm 103:2). Evidently he believes this is a matter of choice for all people, that each individual needs to chose whether to be thankful or not. He is also sure that all who really desire to be grateful can be grateful, but he also knows if we want we can develop and nurture harmful attitudes. Attitudes like hatred, malice, ingratitude.


No person can keep house with self with out realizing there are poison attitudes that can germinate right in the soil of our soul,  yet in saying that we know the opposite is also true. There are beautiful attitudes that we can grow in that same soil, but it involves more than lip service, it must come from the heart. It takes want and know how;  SO HOW? David tells US HOW, "forget not all His benefits" (Psalm 103:2).

Someone has said, "the virtues of our BABYBOOMER generation is THANKLESS, and the reason is being THOUGHTLESS". In other words they don't think in their thanks. If thinking is needful in thanks giving, what must be the nature of our thinking? Should we think in our thanks. If thinking is needful in thanks giving, what must be the nature of our thinking. Should we think of grouchy people, negative means of life,  or of  what others have? NO! The Psalmist tells us the way to gratitude is to not catalogue what WE DON'T HAVE, but think upon what we DO HAVE. We are to "forget not all His benefits" (Psalm 103:2). We are to remember God's goodness and gifts to us and think upon the wealth of blessings God has supplied us.

I like the way David sees God AS A FATHER, "like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him" (Psalm103:13).  How true that is to us through Jesus Christ. The tenderest love of tenderest earthly father is only a dim blurred copy compared to the LOVE OF GOD. Jesus shows us that truth in a story of the PRODICAL SON, a ungrateful boy who leaves home after asking for his inheritance. He runs through his physical and spiritual wealth, friends, decency and self respect, but he cannot run past his father love. His father was missing him, longing for him, witching for him. When the boy returned his father accepted him back with no strings attached, (Luke 15).

David said God is One "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities" (Psalm 103:3), and He does not do it with a big chip on HIs shoulder. "The Lord is...plenteous in mercy" (Psalm 103:8). God who "forgiveth all thine iniquities is the One who can satisfy, "satisfieth with good things" (Psalm 103:5). What a great epitaph of life it would be on a grave stone, HERE LIES A PERSON WHO WAS SATISFIEW WITH JESUS. How much smoother it would be in home, church, life, if we would use gratitude to lubricate. Once again Psalm 103:2,"Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all his benefits". May I ask - are you a THANKFUL person? HOW IS YOUR GRATITUDE? 





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